Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 4--The Art of Being Prepared

 Well, the week is winding down, and aside from having four grocery trips in five days, I'd call it so far, so good.  But the real first challenge is just around the corner:  holiday weekend, and three parties to go to.  It's the end of summer!  I usually celebate that with potato salad, grilled chicken, and as much dessert as I can eat.  I actually almost waited until after Labor Day to start this, for that very reason.

But, alas, I'm committed now, and I think I actually have a good plan for staying vegan throughout our various appearances tomorrow and Monday.  Since creamy delicious salads are some of my favorite summer foods, I found this amazing recipe for creamy vegan pasta salad.  I feel like I've come really far in the past few days, even if I did have to Google "tahini" to know where to find it in the store.

This was one of my first real venures outside my comfort zone of cooking, and I have to say, I got really into it!  So the plan is, take this pasta salad to our events, that way I know there's at least one thing on the table I can eat.  I'll also take my little snack packs--that's been working out well this week.  That doean't mean the smell of the grill won't make me want to cry.  Yikes, I really love food.  Like, way too much.

Realistically, I'm sure there will be food at each place that I can eat.  But I'm not over the phase of worrying about food yet.  I hope that comes soon.

[Pictured below is the fruits of my labor:  pasta salad with tomatoes, olives, and cucumber; tahini & red wine vinegar for dressing.  The sunflower seeds were my touch!]

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