Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 3--Who's With Me?

It seems I may have underestimated how long caffeine withdrawal can go on.  I'm on day three, and I still have the headache and the pain behind the eyes.  I slept for almost eleven hours last night, and I still feel tired. If this feeling doesn't go away after today, tomorrow without caffeine will be a real nightmare.

Foodwise, I've been doing well.  Yesterday I just packed some snack bags to take to work: grapes, broccoli, and walnuts, and I ate at them throughout the day.  And the vegan tacos last night were the stuff of dreams--literally, I've been dreaming about this lovely avocado ever since I did my shopping on Tuesday.  Mostly drank water, because everyone thinks my headaches are from dehydration.  I don't see how that can be, when I've drank more water over the past two days than I have in my life.  I hate drinking water.  It's boring.  But I'm getting used to it. Slowly.

I should have mentioned before, but I'm not totally in this alone.  My loving wonderful, totally supportive girlfriend is (maybe by default) in on this with me.  From the start, she's much healthier than I am.  She exercises, I don't; she watches what she eats, I eat what I want; she drinks water, I, well, see above.  But she does have a few bad habits she's been wanting to kick.  So since I'm doing most of the grocery shopping for this venture, she's trying to adhere to it with me.

She wanted me to mention she's sorely missing Goldfish.  You know Goldfish, those little cheesy snack crackers marketed at little kids but tasty at any age?  We used to buy those in such large quantities, I'm sure our cashier thought we were running an illegal daycare.  I miss them too.  It was really easy to come home from work and collapse on the couch with the box of Goldfish and a beer--somehow doing the same thing with sunflower seeds and water just doesn't give the same sense of relaxation.

Hopefully, cravings like that will subside with time.  There's already a lot of good, healthy food that I love,  so maybe our cravings will just change? I hope so.

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