Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 49--Another Attempt at Eating Out

Today is my lovely girlfriend's 29th birthday, and I knew that would mean eating out.  If you've been following, you might remember that I avoided eating out almost completely in my first 30 days, and my one attempt at eating out recently was only partially successful.

 But, determined to be able to keep to a diet and still live my life,  I planned ahead when it came to Erica's birthday.  Her parents came into town on Sunday to take us to lunch, and we agreed that Isaac's would be a good place for everyone to get what they want.  If you're not from the central PA area,  they're an upscale soup and sandwich joint that has a ton of vegetarian options for sandwiches, and they're very accommodating about substitutions.  The only reason I hadn't gone there yet was because they have this ah-maz-ing pepperjack tomato soup that I was afraid would be too much of a temptation.  But part of this was supposed to be about being able to rise above temptation, so that's what I did--I had a sandwich with portabella mushrooms, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, and dijon mustard.  It was totally perfect.

Then tonight we decided that we'd try this Indian place in town.  We've been meaning to get there forever, and we have no excuse for not going before, because it's literally across the street from a building I worked in for two years.  Anyway, we finally got around to checking out Tulsi and wow, was it worth it.  Their menu was over half vegetarian, and we both ordered only veg options.  I haven't had Indian cuisine since high school, and literally everything I tried, from the naan, to the soup, the samosas, both our dinners, everything was so excellent.  Plus, I have enough to take to work tomorrow as well!  Man, I cannot wait to go back there.

Something I realized while we were at Tulsi; we were brought some chutney and dipping sauces without being told what they were, and as I tried them I could tell which ones had a lot of cumin, curry, etc.  Cooking almost everything I eat is really training my palate!  Mmm I can't wait to try cooking Indian food.

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