Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 4--Potstickers, My Way

While we were in Vegas, one really disappointing food I had was potstickers, which were filled with some kind of spicy pinkish meat.  So when we got home, I immediately set off looking for a recipe to make vegetarian ones.  I found one that looked good, and since I had yesterday off, I even went the extra mile and made my own "clean" wonton wrappers with whole wheat flour.

Like any recipe I make for the first time, it took forever and made a huge mess, but it was turning out pretty good!  And then I made a huge mistake--I went against my better judgment and used an ingredient I know I hate: the recipe called for a teaspoon of white pepper, and my logical brain was thinking 1) this lady work for The Food Network, she must know what she's doing, and 2) a teaspoon in that amount of filling isn't that much, right?

Well, it was enough.  White pepper is so offensive to me, I don't even understand how anyone likes it.  In any case, though, Erica seemed to like them.  I was okay with them, when I used a lot of the dipping sauce.  I really want to try this again, because the combination of shitake mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, onions, and other veggies seemed really good.  Even the homemade wrappers, if a little big, were tasty.

Whole wheat vegetarian potstickers with roasted asparagus

Tonight we hit another roadblock--I was all set to make a mushroom stroganoff, but I forgot to buy a key ingredient.  Better luck tomorrow, maybe?

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