Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Year with No TV: Month One Recap

I realize we're well in to the second month of the year, but time started getting away from me and I never updated about how my first month with no TV went.

First to answer a couple of questions I've been getting: Yes, we're still committed to this.  And No, I'm not having a mid-life crisis (mid-life?? really?) or anything like that.  I am, however, intentionally pulling myself outside of my own comfort zone in order to grow as a person.

So January came and went, and aside from really missing Modern Family, we pretty quickly got used to the status quo of having no TV.  My favorite thing that came out of the first month was getting more use out of our dining room table, and actually sitting and talking with my lady over dinner.

Some other good things that have come out of it so far: I rediscovered my love for Pandora, and through that, I'm getting back into music in general.  I'm also breezing through the backlog of collected trade comic books that we've been buying faster than we can read.

Some things I haven't gotten around to yet: carving out a good exercise routine.  I predicted this would be one of my biggest stumbling blocks, because even if I had all the time in the world, I hate to spend it exercising. I just hate it.  I've worked out a couple times, but nothing that comes close to consistent.  I also haven't played the piano or started planning my garden yet, both things I wanted to do before March.  But I still have time.

One of the biggest challenges I face is going to be not allowing something else to come fill the void where TV used to be.  Right now the biggest threats are general Internet surfing (backreading on sites like Failblog) and gaming on my new smartphone.  At least the phone eventually dies and kicks me off, heh.  I have a lot of stuff, I want to get done this year:  so my goal for February is to map it all out, and set goals for each month.  Let's see how that goes...

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